Two puppies and a baby elephant

Two weeks ago my husband came home (with a big smile on his face), he held two puppies in his arms and asked me if we could raise them. One puppy will stay with us and the other one will be with his father, once he grows up.

When I saw them, it opened up my heart and I couldn’t say no. But then I was in between soooo sweet” and “no I don’t have time.”The only problem is that I have already two adult dogs and now I was responsible for a whole pack. 

Puppies need a lot of time and it takes almost a year until the education is finished. Maybe the Dog Whisperer stops by and give me some tips … and here are the little ones: on the left you see Rosa and the other puppy on her is Olaf.

OK, let’s go make some photos, please stay side by side and smile:


Let’s try again and I explain it to them: “You have to look straight ahead and don’t move!

Did they hear me? So again: I reduce the request and say:Come here, I have a goodie for you!

I have made over 100 pictures and all were similar often from behind and the rest was from the side or tangled dogs.

But then we’re on the way home, I turn around quickly and see it the rascals are smiling and sticking out their tongue! “Tee-hee no suitable photo” 🙂

But I had time for a tiny amigurumi: A sweet baby elephant!


and here is the whole babyteam together:


We wish you a wonderful spring and have fun crocheting!

PDF-Pattern: Baby-Elephant

7 thoughts on “Two puppies and a baby elephant”

  1. OH SQUEEEEEEE! They are so very sweet. Love on four legs. <3
    Also the tiny elephant and a friends are a treat to look at. Happy Spring to you and Autumn here in Australia. XX

  2. The puppies are sooo sweet and look so fun and playful. You’ll have hands full of work with those little ones. But they are such a joy!!!
    Baby elephant fits the baby squad just perfectly! Excellent work and thank you so much for sharing

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